Louisiana ACLS Courses & Classes

As you may have seen, there is not alot of information online pertaining to local ACLS classes, coursework or exams in the state of Louisiana. As is the case, we are currently gathering some good information pertaining to options for these certifications for people on our site from that state.

Below you will find additional information by state including other resources as applicable.

Additional State Resources

For state specific health statistics please see ATC’s Louisiana state page which provides medical stats for the state against regional stats. Includes topics such as: Cardiac Heart Disease, Life Expectancy and more.

The site also points out unique health trends specific to the state as it relates to key health issues and highlights actual stories from news sources having to do with cardiac emergencies.

We found another website that gives resources for maintaining a healthy heart in the state of Louisiana. The Rush ACLS Louisiana healthy heart page has a number of different physical activity ideas and eating tips for the residents of Louisiana.

Top 5 Louisiana Cities by Population

  1. New Orleans
  2. Baton Rouge
  3. Shreveport
  4. Metairie
  5. Lafayette

Additional City Resources

Pacific Medical Training provides health and medical statistics by city and list major hospitals in these cities. Their list of hospitals also contains an expandable map pinpointing the hospital’s location. For more info please see:

New Orleans health stats

Official Louisiana Website

Official LA Site

Medical News